Program Types

Elby’s fleet services can propel your business like no other. Whether we’re moving your customers, your employees, or your products, rest assured they’ll be moving efficiently, sustainably, and with an overpowering smile.

City Bike Share Program

Add popular electric-powered, environmentally friendly fleets to city bike share programs and help reduce congestion. Elby Mobility offers turn-key, docked ebike fleet solutions that not only provide convenient transportation options but also offer joyful ways to travel, live and experience cities.  

Key Benefits

  • Provides alternative transportation methods for residents and visitors
  • Easy to travel faster and further with ebike technology
  • Clean technology supports sustainability goals, reduces congestion and emissions
  • Increases eligibility for supplemental public funding
  • Turn-key solution and service options to minimize city resource requirements
  • Multiple safety features including high-intensity lights and calibrated hydraulic disc brakes
  • Branding opportunity for city
  • Reduces parking pressure

Build value into your business with ebike technology.